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Friday, 23 March 2007

Chris Miller

Chris Millers Studio

Well Mr. Miller, I am most impressed there is clearly great industry here and oh so tidy! When I eventually dare to show mine you will see just why I say that! Now if I was cruel I would ask you to turn the camera round to see what is behind you!

The girl in pink on the wall on the left looks interesting, do you have another better picture?

I look forward very much to seeing your Father’s in due course and I think we should do it annually. This gives us plenty of incentive to show new work in progress and like a Major General’s inspection ensure the broom and vacuum cleaners get used, which is not often enough in my case.


marlyat2 said...

Chris is tidy!

How unexpected. Perhaps one should require a panoramic scene taken from a central point.

Yes, I'd like to see the pink girl, too.

chris miller said...

I've been working on that pink girl for about two years now -- every few months I try something new with her.

The relief on the wall to her right is 'Moses and the Burning Bush' - a maquette by Milton Horn. (that I use to crank up the energy)

In the distant corner is my father's portrait of me at about the age of four.

(and all the other stuff is mine!)

admin said...

Dear Mr. Miller: Do you never sleep?

marlyat2 said...

Oh, so that's Milton Horn. I didn't ask because I knew it wasn't you...

It would be interesting if you photographed the pink girl every few months until she was finished. I like her--don't go too far!

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